Are you a Blogger who wants to contribute content to Primal Kidz Mag?


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We are accepting content from bloggers within the following blog categories:

  • the Paleo diet/lifestyle,
  • Holistic Health and Wellness categories (natural fertility, doulas, Chinese Medicine doctors, acupuncturists, energy healers, etc.,)
  • Green beauty/organic/natural beauty bloggers,
  • and “crunchy” mom bloggers that focus on green parenting or natural parenting techniques and lifestyle.

We will accept previously written content if it fits with our upcoming issue’s themes. Be advised that any previously written work will most likely be edited slightly to best suit the Mag. This can range from editing just the title to editing/reformatting some of the content as well, whether it be adding to or shortening content. We always work with our bloggers to ensure there is mutual agreement on the final featured post – we will not make any final edits without the blogger’s approval first. It is our goal to ensure that the blogger is satisfied with any edits that are made! New and original content written specifically for the Mag is always welcomed as well!

Please note that we currently do not pay bloggers for their articles. We do, however:

  • always attribute the featured article to the original blog/blogger in the first sentence before the start of the post,
  • include a headshot (if desired,) and a short bio on the blogger at the end of the featured article,
  • include links to the blogger’s social sites,
  • promote the featured article on Primal Kidz’ social media sites, often times mentioning the contributor in our post promotions.

We publish all articles on the 1st of each month. All bloggers must submit their pitched articles by the 15th of the current month in order to be considered for publishing on the 1st of the following month, (i.e, submit by the 15th of October to be considered for the 1st of November).

To submit your article and/or to request more information about a blogging opportunity at Primal Kidz digital holistic parenting magazine, please email:

Liz {at} PrimalKidz {dot} com. 


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