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Primal Mango Mimosa

One of the best parts of New Years Eve is waiting for the ball to drop. While you cozy up to your loved ones and anticipate the approach of the New Year, the kids may be excitedly waiting with you, or maybe they’re sleeping, or perhaps you are hosting a gathering with friends. Regardless of your New Years Eve plans, if you’re over the age of 21, a drink or two is bound to ensue. While our Primal ancestors more than likely were not consuming Cosmopolitan mixers or sipping bubbly, alcohol is not completely off limits when following a Paleo lifestyle.

There might be some conflict out there about what is and isn’t acceptable as far as drinking on the Paleo Diet goes. The true essence of being Paleo is really about staying as far away from potentially toxic, processed, and industrialized ingredients as possible, and staying true to nature intended as a life practice. Furthermore, getting to know one’s body and know what does or doesn’t work for you personally is another essential component of the Paleo lifestyle. You can be Paleo and not tolerate bacon (gasp) or meat at all, or heck even fruit. You just need to know what your body likes, or doesn’t like, which sounds simple, but can also take some time to learn.

That being said, there are certain kinds of alcohol that are just better than others. Red Wine, for instance, is almost always the first alcoholic beverage that comes to mind when thinking of “safe drinking,” simply because of the amount of scientific research that have pointed to the health benefits and high antioxidant content of red wine. When choosing a red wine, however, it is important to look for Non-GMO wines, which can usually be found in a Whole Foods, or Organic wines, as grapes are on the dirty naughty list of being highly dosed in pesticides. Furthermore, many red wine companies use food colorings in their wines. If you can, look for wines that are produced out of New Zealand as they have stricter laws on GMOs and the use of pesticides and chemical agriculture. Champagne is a similar story to that of red wine.

This recipe does not actually use red wine; it uses white. White wine is still a much better choice than say, indulging in a beer (gluten, GMO), or hard liquor, which is extremely toxic to your liver.

It should also be noted that drinking in moderation is another consideration when following a Primal lifestyle. It’s important to know your own personal limit, and try not to either exceed that or better yet, cut yourself off at the 2 drink maximum. 

That’s why we love this recipe for Primal Mango Mimosa. This recipe has cleverly been reconstructed from a traditional Mimosa (orange juice and champagne) to be made more Paleo friendly because it actually provides  additional nutrient quality and decreases the alcoholic content by volume, thereby allowing you to consume slightly more than you normally “could” with a glass of full, regular wine. (Win, win!)

Primal Mango Mimosa
A delicious and elegant, Primal twist on a classic holiday adult beverage.
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. 1/2 750 ml bottle of Organic champagne, or 1 bottle of Organic or Non-GMO white wine
  2. 2 Organic, 16 oz Mango Kombuchas, (Editors Pick: GT Dave's Mystic Mango), OR 32 oz Organic Mango juice AND 1 bottle of Pellegrino sparkling water,
  3. Fresh organic orange slices
  1. Pour the above ingredients into a large wine pitcher**
  2. Chill for 1-2 hours minimum,
  3. Pour into champagne or wine glasses and enjoy with fresh organic orange slices.
  1. if using the sparkling water and mango juice mixture, save the sparkling water for when you take the pitcher out of the fridge.

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