5 Paleo Chocolate Recipes To Make For International Chocolate Day

Five Paleo Chocolate Recipes To Make For International Chocolate Day

Despite the fact that most conventional chocolate is filled with GMOs, tons of sugar, artificial ingredients, flavors, fillers, and binders, Paleo chocolate on the other hand, is actually quite healthful. It is well known that dark chocolate provides significant health benefits, when consumed in moderation. Paleo chocolate in particular, is one of the healthiest forms of chocolate you will find on the market; and September 13th gives further reason to indulge in more than a bite of chocolate, as the day is known as International Chocolate Day . While there are many brands out there now producing Paleo chocolate bars, sometimes the best chocolates are the ones you make at home.  For this reason, we’ve found five delectable Paleo chocolate recipes you don’t have to feel guilty about, from bloggers who know their chocolate. 


1.) Paleo Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread – Well Plated

Paleo Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread


We know what you are thinking … this is a post about Paleo chocolate recipes for International Chocolate Day, and the first recipe we put here is Chocolate Chip ZUCCHINI Bread?! Before you get all crazy on us, don’t knock it til you try it, ok? This isn’t just any Paleo Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread – not only is it incredibly nutrient dense, but it actually tastes really, really good, and the best part is, you can have it as your Breakfast! What a perfect introduction to celebrating International Chocolate Day! Start your day off with a healthy, nutrient dense Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread, and work your way up to the much sweeter, more guilty-pleasure indulgences later in the day. This way, you can’t spend the whole day feeling terrible you just chowed down on an entire pint of SoDelicious Chocolate Ice Cream (don’t judge, we’ve all been there). While Erin from Well Plated isn’t necessarily a “Paleo blogger,” she definitely understands the fundamentals of delicious, real foods, and definitely gives the Paleo world a nod with this recipe by making use of coconut flour, bananas, eggs, coconut oil, zucchini, and of course, chocolate chips. To make a warm batch of this bread for breakfast (or a midday snack), head over to Well Plated.


2.) Chocolate Cake – Lauren Fuentes

the best paleo chocolate cake recipe ever

This post simply wouldn’t be complete without a simple, Paleo friendly chocolate cake. Lauren Fuentes understands that sometimes the simplest chocolate cake is the best, and she somehow manages to pull off the easiest grain free chocolate cake recipe while still adhering to Paleo principals and not sacrificing on taste either. Sometimes one of the most annoying things about baking cakes is frosting them. We all love the frosting, yes, but taking the time to make it from scratch, and then actually frost the whole damn thing can be time consuming and cause impatient licking of bowls and spoons – because being surrounded by chocolate can make one behave like a child when it involves chocolate. Therefore you are free to enjoy this cake rather quickly after it’s made since you can skip the frosting step with this recipe – it is that good. Furthermore, Lauren gives  a bunch of great tips about her recipe in the post, so you don’t have to worry if you have any substitute questions or any other recipe questions for that matter! She has you covered. Head on over to Lauren Fuentes’ blog to snag this recipe.


3.) The Best Paleo Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Ambitious Kitchen

paleo chocolate chunk cookies


Take a look at those cookies. Do you see those ooey gooey chocolate chunky goodness? Yeah, these Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies by Monique from Ambitious Kitchen definitely deserved a slot in this roster of recipes to make on International Chocolate Day. Not only do we love the fact that Monique packs these babies in her purse when she heads to the movies, we love even more that although she isn’t Paleo, Monique still knows how to whip up a Paleo treat or two, and certainly respects the value of healthful ingredients paired with timeless recipes. After all, who can say NO to a healthy chocolate chip cookie that looks like THAT? We know you can’t either. Made from a mix of coconut flour and almond flour, in addition to egg, coconut oil and coconut sugar,  these cookies are probably the most nutrient dense little pieces of heaven you will come across. What are you waiting for then? Go whip up a batch of these cookies now! (And tell Monique we sent you!)


4.) Paleo Magic Bars – My Whole Food Life

Paleo Vegan Magic Bars


The name certainly seems to do this recipe justice; I mean, are you looking at what we’re looking at? A piece of magic, right?? If you’ve never heard of a Paleo magic bar before, it is basally a faux-graham cracker crust topped with gooey caramel, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips. Drool.wor.thy. Melissa from My Whole Food Life is a Vegan blogger, but that hasn’t stopped her from creating Paleo-friendly creations as well, and we’re oh so grateful for that – as these Paleo Vegan Magic Bars look oh so like they are heaven sent! These bars have a few ingredients and are definitely a little higher in sugar, but it is all “good” sugar as it mostly comes from the dates and coconut sugar, and is offset by the healthy fats from the coconut oil, coconut milk, and shredded coconut. 


6.) Decadent Paleo Brownies – Wicked Spatula 

Decadent Paleo Fudge Brownies


We would be remiss if we left out a Paleo brownie recipe in this post. The thing is, there are SO many Paleo brownie recipes out there now, that it can very difficult choosing which one to include. This recipe by Lauren from Wicked Spatula made the cut because not only is it completely Paleo friendly using ingredients like coconut oil, almond flour, and tapioca starch, but it legitimately looks so decadent, cake-like, AND fudgey that is is almost as if you can taste the brownies just from staring at the picture. And that’s exactly what we did. We virtually taste-tested. Yup – it’s a winner! Do us a favor, if you make these brownies because you found them on this post can you please, please, PLEASE send us some?? We’d really appreciate it! Head over to Wicked Spatula now to grab this recipe!

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