Ring In The New Year With A Paleo Chinese-Inspired Menu

a paleo inspired chinese new year menu - paleo chinese food recipes

New Years Eve is pretty synonymous with Chinese Food, although Chinese food from most restaurants is NOT Paleo friendly (or healthy). The good news is, you can still eat Chinese on New Years! Primal Kidz Mag compiled several of the yummiest looking Paleo Chinese food recipes on the web, and created a sample menu you can use for New Years planning.

Paleo Roasted Fall Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

paleo cinnamon sweet potatoes

Include this recipe for cinnamon sweet potatoes in your Turkey Day menu and you can be sure your little ones will be getting a healthy dose of veggies along with their turkey!

Primal Au Gratin Potatoes

primal au gratin potatoes

A delicious and simple Primal recipe for a classic favorite. Using real food ingredients though not completely dairy free, this dish makes a wonderful side dish at your holiday table, and even as part of a post-Turkey day brunch.

A Primal Recipe For Banishing Cellulite & Boosting Collagen

paleo recipe for leeks

Leeks are not the most glamorous of vegetables. Often overlooked, they belong to the onion and garlic family (called Allium,) and like onion and garlic, leeks possess several important nutritional compounds that make them an excellent health food to start implementing in your diet. The edible part of leeks are the long, cylindrical sheaths of […]

Simple Paleo/Vegan Guacamole


No one can debate how awesome the avocado is. Avocados are rich in almost twenty vitamins and minerals per serving, including: vitamin e, vitamin c, potassium, folate, and lutein. Also high in fiber, these super fruits are super good for you, despite its higher concentration of fats. The fats in avocados are called monounsaturated fats, […]