Paleo BBQ Chicken and Sweet Potato Pizza

paleo bbq chicken and sweet potato pizza

Pizza is just one of those foods everyone loves. Seriously, I have never met a single person who doesn’t like pizza. Even the pickiest of eaters, generally will love pizza. Actually, the pickiest of eaters will usually only eat pizza, or other kinds of foods involving bread. But let’s face it, traditional pizza is not […]

Paleo Easter Basket Goodies Mashup

easter feature

Ah, Easter. The beloved holiday by all children who eagerly look forward to waking up to a basketful of brightly colored “grass,” chocolate bunnies, and pastel colored eggs filled with yet more chocolate and candy. For the average person, Easter is a no-big, a no-brainer. You go to your local Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, or wherever, […]