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Primal Kidz is a free digital parenting magazine that was created to be more than just your average online blog or parents magazine. We have a mission to serve as a resource for parents, kids, and teens who intend to: either seek a healthier lifestyle than they are currently living, wish to follow a Paleo lifestyle or adopt a whole foods based diet, and/or are seeking more resources, tools, and modern conveniences and luxuries to living such a healthier lifestyle. For those reasons, we aim to provide highly tailored content for our market, all while focusing on sourcing the best in ethically conscious and chemical free practices. In doing so, we may highlight brands, products, companies, influencers, or individuals who exemplify our own brand’s (Primal Kidz,) high standards for Primal living. Some of our stringent criteria involves the promoted brand or product belonging to at least one or a combination of the following: Certified-Organic, GMO-Free, Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free, Vegan, Paleo, eco-friendly alternatives, BPA/PVC/PthalateFree, Lead Free, Low VOC, GreenGuard Certified, GreenGuard Gold Certified, Otek Certified, and sustainably made and sourced materials. It should be noted that more often than not, a single product must meet at least several of these criteria in order for them to be promoted through Primal Kidz Mag in either the Shop section or as a featured resource.

Furthermore, any “medical experts” featured will generally be persons well-respected in the natural and holistic health industries, such as acupuncturists, doulas, naturopaths, chiropractors, chinese doctors, and many other kinds of health experts who focus on finding natural approaches to healing as much as possible. Their featured content may sometimes, but not always, result in some sort of monetary exchange through a third party program, such as an affiliate network, only through the specific promotion of said persons products or services. While their magazine feature does illustrate Primal Kidz’ endorsement of their niche expertise, it is not a direct indicator of any kind of compensation for their promotion, and furthermore, Primal Kidz remains, in no way responsible, for the efficacy of any product, service, or persons featured in Primal Kidz. The responsibility of such performance relies solely on the brand, company, manufacturer, or individual of said products, persons, or brands, as the role of Primal Kidz in respect to this relationship is merely to highlight or feature individuals and organizations whom we deem to be of noteworthy attention. Therefore any gripe or concern over any product, service, or ebook purchased through Primal Kidz should be taken up with the original distributor of the product, as we are merely a third party.

We are proud that we hold high standards when it comes to the content, brands, and individuals we feature on Primal Kidz. If it is in the mag, then it is something we truly care about, and hope you will care about as well – because our bottom line is making sure that we are doing good by you, so that making more tough choices gets just a little bit easier. 

As such, many areas of the Mag contain “Affiliate Links.”

Affiliate links operate quite simply, and do not affect you, the reader, in any way when you interact with the magazine. When you click on a link in an article or post that leads to you to another website, a particular product, service, membership site, or even an ebook, and you then make a purchase from that vendor having been referred from Primal Kidz, in return Primal Kidz may, but not always, make a small commission off that sale. There are variations in exact monetary conversions, and vary from party to party, and subsequently are subject to change at any time. This does not affect the consumer or buyer. Purchases made off the Shop section of Primal Kidz result in affiliate commissions as this helps to monetize and support the magazine. Primal Kidz participates in the Amazon Associates program, and as such many of the products we offer in our Shop section are Amazon products due to the relevant product selections and convenience that Amazon offers millions of consumers worldwide. Furthermore, Primal Kidz also showcases products from other various Affiliate networks in our Shop, and as such you the consumer will be redirected to the individual vendor’s page when making a purchase. In addition, any other affiliate links distributed  across the site may result in an affiliate sale, and therefore it must known and understood by you, the user, that you are participating in an affiliate sale transaction. Therefore your usage of Primal Kidz helps to monetize and support the website and all of its incumbent maintenance and web support fees. It should also be noted that some of our featured blogger’s may also have affiliate links in the articles they contribute, and they in turn may make an affiliate commission should you make a purchase through one of the links in their contributed posts. This is not always the case, however, and the circumstances vary from article to article.

We at Primal Kidz appreciate your support, and we respect the trust that you place in us as being your source for Paleo and eco-savvy related news, trends, recipes, and everything GreenMama and baby. 

A Final Note:

Before pursuing any health or wellness regimen you may have learned about through Primal Kidz, it is best to consult with a certified medical practitioner in whatever field of medicine you are most inclined to seek out; be it traditional western medicine or other forms of alternative medicine. Primal Kidz  in no way assumes responsibility for any incident that occurred after having read or learned of any kind of health routine, workout, or regime.


To Your Health & Wellness,

Elizabeth Breuder,