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Primal Kidz Parenting Magazine was born out of a desire to showcase the best solutions for living a Primal lifestyle in a modern world. In a world where bloggers rule the roost, it can become easy to get lost in the shuffle and overwhelmed by all the noise. Rather than hop from one blog to another, we showcase it all here for you. Primal Kidz is a new kind of digital parents magazine that focuses mainly on natural parenting. We provide highly tailored content from a variety of influencers and bloggers, such as: Paleo bloggers, Holistic Health and Wellness bloggers, Organic Beauty and natural beauty bloggers, and Eco-Chemical Conscious, aka “Crunchy,” mom bloggers.

Some of the content we feature includes:

  • delicious, quick and healthy Paleo recipes parents desire,
  • kid-friendly, Paleo snacks and recipes,
  • tips and tricks to transitioning your family to a healthier lifestyle,
  • informative articles covering other relevant holistic health, wellness, and green beauty topics, such as:
    • natural “green” parenting approaches and tips,
    • chemical free, natural beauty tips and DIY recipes,
    • eco-friendly crafts and DIY projects,
    • natural remedies for common ailments and symptoms,
    • issues that commonly concern parents addressed from a natural, albeit “crunchy” parenting perspective,
    • humorous and witty stories from other parents


Our House Curated Shop:

Furthermore, Primal Kidz Mag goes beyond the scope of a traditional parenting magazine. While most parenting magazines provide brand promotions through ads, we do not. Instead, we provide highly curated resources and products that meet our stringent criteria for quality, mass “mom” approval, and that are most importantly, produced in a chemically conscious modality that is also more often times than none, organically derived. These products span a variety of categories, from Paleo snacks and baking goods, to chemical free and non-toxic baby nursery items, feeding and teething essentialsbath time accessoriesorganic baby clothes, and carseats and strollers, to even products for mom like organic beauty on a budget and organic luxury beauty.

We house virtually all these products in our Shop section, where site visitors and subscribers can browse a myriad of products with ease and comfort, knowing that we did our homework on each and every product for you, so that you don’t have to. We maintain extremely stringent criteria when choosing a product for the Mag’s Shop; some of our criteria involves the product/brand meeting at least a combination of two or more of the following certifications and manufacturing practices:

Note: Please see our Affiliate Disclosure for more information about the products contained in our Shop and how your purchases through our Shop helps support Primal Kidz Magazine, since we are a free, unpaid magazine service.


Brands and Bloggers:

Are you a brand looking to be featured in Primal Kidz Mag? We only consider featuring brands that meet the above criteria; please refer to the above list before contacting us for any kind of promotional post, offer, or brand highlight. Contact Liz {at} PrimalKidz {dot} com for a feature request.



cave man writing on stone

Are you a Blogger who wants to contribute content to Primal Kidz Mag?

We are accepting content from bloggers within the following blog categories: the Paleo diet/lifestyle, Holistic Health and Wellness categories (natural fertility, doulas, Chinese Medicine doctors, acupuncturists, energy healers, etc.,) Green Beauty and organic, natural beauty bloggers, and “crunchy” mom bloggers that focus on green parenting or natural parenting techniques and lifestyle.

To learn more about contributing to Primal Kidz Magazine, please see our Write For Us page.


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