7 paleo cheese pizzas that actually resemble real pizza

7 Paleo ‘Cheese’ Pizzas That Actually Resemble Real Pizza

If you’re attempting to live a Paleo lifestyle, you may be wondering how you will ever find happiness living a life without pizza. Even if you are a seasoned hunter-gatherer, you have probably tried every cauliflower pizza crust, every almond flour pizza, meatza, or other weird vegetable pseudo-pizza in the Paleosphere; and been sorely disappointed every time. Add to the fact that many “Paleo” pizzas out there still actually use heaps of mozzarella or parmesan in their toppings, which really isn’t all that Paleo, it can be a little disappointing when trying to find a Paleo pizza that doesn’t have traditional dairy based cheeses, doesn’t include cauliflower, zucchini, or meat crusts, and still lends the taste and joy of eating a traditional pizza. 

That’s why in honor of Cheese Pizza Day, Primal Kidz Mag has scoured the Paleo blogosphere for 7 Paleo Cheese Pizzas that leave the parmesan, mozzarella, and veggie crusts at the door. While a few of these pizzas do contain goat cheese, or a small amount of cow dairy, it is important to note that goat cheese does not pose many of the same issues as traditional cow cheeses, as goat cheese is typically much easier to digest and is devoid of hormones and other nasties, and some cow dairy may be tolerable to others who are not highly sensitive so long as it is high quality, organic, grass-fed, and in smaller amounts (unlike those other pizzas that just load it on the entire pizza). If any of these dairy options present a problem for you, you can either leave it out or contact the author for suggestions on substations, as these recipes would surely taste wonderful regardless.


1.) Cassava and Vegan Cheese Pizza – Predominantly Paleo

cassava vegan cheese pizza


Jennifer Robbins is a well known Paleo blogger who goes by the handle Predominantly Paleo. Her recipe for Cassava and Vegan Cheese pizza is a grain free, dairy free, and egg free option that blends the best of both worlds, a merger that is becoming more and more popular in the healthy eating world: Paleo/Vegan. The crust is made out of a blend of cassava flour (Jess’ specialty), and coconut flour, and the vegan “cheese” made out of soaked cashews and nutritional yeast along with some seasonings to lend that traditional cheese flavor. Apparently it was a hit with her own kids, who didn’t even ask if the pizza contained real cheese or not! If her kids can chow down without any questions, your kids probably can to! You can check out her awesome, kid-friendly recipe here.


2. ‘That’s Not Cheese’ Pizza – by Paleo Cupboard

thats not cheese pizza


Another Paleo/Vegan “cheese” pizza that also uses cashews for the cheese aspect, Amy from Paleo Cupboard uses a crust made from almond flour, tapioca flour, and eggs to create a buttery flavored pizza base. She goes for the traditional “margarita” style pizza of tomato sauce and vegan cheese that is again made from soaked cashews, though this cheese recipe incorporates pine nuts, unsweetened almond milk, and grass-fed gelatin to create a gooey and stretchy cheese consistency. While pizzas using soaked cashews does involve a bit more time, the end result is certainly worth it! You can see the full recipe here.


3. Rhubarb Chipotle Goat Cheese Pizza – Azahar Cusine


rhubarb chipotle goat cheses


Formerly known as The Saffron Girl, Debra Dorn has now launched a new version of her site called Azahar Cuisine. You don’t have to worry about missing out on some of her classics though, because her recipe for Rhubarb Chipotle Goat Cheese Pizza is still thriving! Her crust uses eggs, coconut flour, and coconut milk, and her choice of toppings include a gourmet combination of rhubarb-orange compote, goat cheese, bacon and mushroom slices, and chipotle powder for a bit of a punch. This pizza is definitely a perfect one for grown ups who want to enjoy a glass of wine on the weekend with a slice of gourmet pizza heaven, without the heavy carb and dairy laden feel that will make you feel sick and weighed down. You can check out her old favorite recipe, and new website, here.

4. Mushroom, Ham, Macademia Cheese & Balsamic Pizza – Pete Evans


mushroom ham pizza


Pete Evans is not only a celebrity chef and an Ambassador to the Paleo community, he is also the developer of his own diet program ‘The Paleo Way,’ so you know that not only does he know what he is talking about when it comes to healthy “Paleofied” versions of traditional favorites, you know that he knows good food! His recipe for Mushroom, Ham and Macedemia Cheese with Balsamic Pizza may sound a little funny, but it is a recipe that is truly Paleo that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, all without a hint of dairy! While the pizza does use cauliflower (I know, we said these pizzas weren’t made with cauli-crusts, but this one is the exception to the rule – trust us on this!) it also combines with almond flour which leaves the crust looking less like a mushy mess and more like a real pizza crust. Believe us when we tell you that you will not even realize this crust has cauliflower in it, except for the fact that you will be making it yourself! (Unless you happen to have your own celeb Paleo chef that is). This pizza will surely become another gourmet favorite for the grown-ups in the house; again paired perfectly with another well-deserved glass of wine! Who knows, your kids may enjoy this pizza as well if they have a bit of an adventurous personality or are budding Paleo chefs like Pete. You can check out his recipe in its full glory here.


5. Dairy Free Coconut Mozzarella Cheese Pizza – Jane’s Healthy Kitchen



Jane Barthelemy from Jane’s Healthy Kitchen has whipped up this flavorful Paleo pizza recipe that is not only loaded with taste, but is chock full of nutrients as well, so you won’t even be close to cheating with this recipe! Her crust is a traditional almond flour base with eggs, spices, and arrowroot starch to help bind everything together. She leaves the sauce and toppings optional, but the “cheese” is where it gets really interesting. Jane created a Paleo/Vegan cheese that is made from coconut butter, coconut oil, coconut milk nutritional yeast, and a variety of spices to add some zest and flavor. If all this coconut really isn’t your thing, you can also try her Paleo/Vegan Parmesan Cheese recipe, which still utilizes coconut, but closely resembles real parmesan cheese in its look and flavor. You can check her out her original Dairy Free Coconut Mozzarella Paleo Pizza recipe on her blog. 


6. GF Fig, Blackberry, Goat Cheese, and Rosemary Pizza – Dagicueppers



Dagicueppers is an Instagrammer who posts lovely images of delectable food, and this Paleo Fig, Blackberry, Goat Cheese and Rosemary Pizza is no exception. Originally written and posted on Primal Palate, this recipe is an absolute Paleo pizza must-try! Made with cassava flour, egg, and a little bit of organic sour cream, this crust may not be 100% Paleo, but it is pretty darn close. While it may not be completely dairy free, it does incorporate higher quality dairy from the goat cheese, and uses other nutrient dense ingredients like antioxidant rich blackberries, fiber-dense figs, and the powerful herb rosemary. You can check out her full recipe here.


7. Paleo Cheese Crust Pizza – Paleo Porn



Remember those “stuffed crust” pizzas that are oh so delectably popular at those big fast food chain pizza places? Well, those are DEFINITELY off limits on the Paleo diet, considering as they are loaded with GMOs, filler ingredients, fake cheese, and who can guess what else. Marla Sarris from Paleo Porn saw a need for a healthier replacement for this beloved stuffed crust style pizza recipe, so she created one! This recipe does use organic cream cheese and shredded parmigiano-reggiano shredded cheese in the crust, though the about is only 8oz plus 1/4 cup of the shredded cheese for the entire crust recipe, which is not an extremely heavy overload of cheese! (Disclaimer: Any blgo with the word Porn in it is probably going to have some “guilty pleasures” in there somewhere, so don’t be hatin’ just because she’s using a little cheese loving!) She also leaves you free to top the pizza with your choice of favorites, so if you want to save your ration of cheese for the crust, it is well worth it! Alternatively, you could try using another form of cream cheese and shredded cheese that doesn’t come from a cow, such as soft goat cheese and shredded goat mozzarella, but we can’t say for sure whether the recipe would still come out the same! (And Marla didn’t recommend or state this either, we’re just saying). Either way, this recipe could definitely be saved for those “cheat days” when you need a taste of the real thing but don’t want to throw all your Paleo eating habits out the window. You can find her recipe at Paleo Porn here

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