20 Paleo slow cooker meals for Fall

20 Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes For Fall

This article was written by Deanna Dorman and appeared in its original form on Paleo Hacks.

Every Paleo enthusiast really should respect the greatness of slow cookers.

Quick and easy crock pot recipes make it a snap to stay Paleo on busy work nights. Slow cooking can make even the toughest of meat (which are usually the cheapest!) moist and delicious. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to a hot, cooked meal with minimal effort.

Here are 20 Paleo Crock Pot recipes for you to enjoy!

1.) Pulled Chicken Wraps

Paleo Pulled Chicken Lettuce Wraps

You never thought Pulled Chicken Wraps could be pulled off in a slow cooker, did you? This Paleo dish has a subtle, spicy kick and can perfectly fill in crunchy lettuce wraps for a complete meal.


2.) Sweet Short Ribs with Star Anise and Ginger

Paleo slow cooker sweet short ribs

These Sweet Short Ribs are a perfect Paleo one-pot-wonder. The recipe is a hearty meal that works well for dinner for one or the whole family.


3.) Slow-Cooked Beef with Root Veggies & Kale

Paleo slow cooker beef with veggies and kale

Nothing says Fall like a meal of meat and veggies. This recipe for Paleo Slow-Cooked Beef with Root Veggies and Kale recipe is a cozy and comforting meal that will satisfy you after a busy day.


4.) Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

Paleo slow cooker chicken chilli

A Paleo version of Tex Mex Chicken Chili, this recipe is ridiculously easy and delicious. It pairs well served over cauliflower rice, or in a lettuce leaf taco.


5.) Perfect Slow Cooker Roast Chicken

Paleo slow cooker whole chicken

A roasted chicken is a classic and simple meal. This recipe yields not only a gorgeous and comforting family dinner, it will leave a beautiful carcass leftover for broth, (see the recipe at the bottom of the post!)


6.) Crock Pot Chicken Cacciatore

Paleo Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore

Italian while Paleo? Most certainly! Paleo Chicken Cacciatore has a short ingredients list and using a slow cooker is the perfect way to produce this Italian favorite meal in six to eight hours without standing over the kitchen stove.


7.) Crock Pot Beef Stew

Paleo Slow cooker beef stew

Beef Stew is synonymous with Fall. It is a rich and hearty slow cooker meal that is sure to satisfy everyone’s hunger!


8.) Moroccan Lamb Stew

Paleo moroccan lamb stew

Moroccan Lamb Stew is a spicy, delicious crockpot meal that will provide some variety in your standard meat and veggies dinner. Add a little ethnic flair with this flavorful Paleo lamb stew!


9.) Paleo Pulled Pork

Paleo crockpot pulled pork

Pulled pork is a great recipe for just yourself or even for a large get together. This recipe for Paleo pulled pork is super simple yet yields phenomenal results!


10.) Crock Pot Cabbage and Apples

paleo crockpot cabbage and apples

Crockpots aren’t just for cooking meat dishes. This hearty side dish goes perfectly with the pulled pork recipe above (It’s so good, you may just need to invest in two slow cookers!)


11.) Crock Pot Chicken Taco Bowls


A Paleo take on the famous Chipotle bowls, these crock-pot chicken taco bowls are the perfect meal to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters in your home.  


12.) Paleo Curry Pumpkin Soup

Paleo curried pumpkin soup in a crockpot

Take a break from the protein and bone up on some veggies! This recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Curry Soup uses just five ingredients! Despite the fact it lacks meat, this soup is still filling, while providing a bit of spice at the same time.


13.) Slow Cooker Vegetable Korma

Paleo Vegan slow cooker vegetable korma

Another vegetable packed meal, this slow cooker Korma screams comfort food in a Paleo/Vegan kind of way. This recipe is so packed with flavor, you won’t even notice there is no meat!


14.) Paleo Mississippi Roast

paleo crockpot mississippi roast

This recipe for a Mississippi Roast is great because the large cut of tougher meat will turn moist and will fall apart after being cooked for hours in your slow cooker.


15.) Paleo Pork Shoulder Ramen

Paleo pork shoulder ramen
Miss ramen noodles? You won’t anymore with this recipe for Pork Shoulder Ramen. It is much heartier than the cheap noodles you get for a dollar in the store. This Paleo recipe is full of much healthier ingredients like meat, mushrooms and zoodles.


16.) Applesauce Chicken

paleo slow cooker applesauce chicken

Just two simple ingredients in this Paleo recipe for Applesauce Chicken are infused together seamlessly with the aid of a slow cooker. Savory and sweet, this applesauce chicken recipe will soon become a family favorite, especially with your kids.


17.) Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

Paleo slow cooker salsa chicken

Fall apart chicken is made spicier and more interesting with this recipe for Paleo Salsa Chicken.  This recipe is super simple to throw together in the crockpot, and makes for a great weeknight meal for hungry families!


18.) Rosemary Acorn Squash

paleo slow cooker rosemary acorn squash

Bet you didn’t think you could cook squash in the slow cooker. Well, you can! Make your side dishes a little more interesting with this recipe for Paleo Rosemary and Balsamic Acorn Squash.  It’s a recipe you can use to accompany your meal on a busy weeknight or a holiday side dish!


19.) Paleo Chicken Tortilla-less Soup

paleo slow cooker chicken tortilla-less soup

No need for tortilla chips with this soup! This recipe for Paleo Chicken Tortilla-less Soup is a comforting recipe pairs wonderfully with fresh cilantro and homemade guacamole.


20.) Crock Pot Chicken Stock

paleo crock pot chicken stock

Packaged chicken stock is not the best option when making homemade soup with all the added ingredients usually present, so if possible, making the stock from scratch is healthier and always shines through in your soups! This recipe for homemade chicken stock is the easiest way to make a good chicken broth. You’ll probably never go back to store bought again!


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