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20 Paleo Kid Friendly On-The-Go Snacks You Don’t Have to Make Yourself



 1. Paleo Thin Crackers

These Paleo Thin Crackers are a must have for every parent of a toddler or child who is looking to switch from regular, store bought crackers to something a little healthier. Crackers are pretty  much a staple in the majority of young children’s diet, but when you go Paleo, traditionally touted “healthy” whole grain or wheat based crackers just won’t cut it. These crackers are free of wheat, gluten, grains, dairy and soy, and are made of only Paleo approved ingredients, making them a perfect car ride snack for Primal tots!


2. Caveman Cookies

Most parents feel guilty when they give their kids cookies, and it is more than likely because deep down they know they are giving their kids junk. Three years ago there weren’t any Paleo ready-made cookies on the market, now they are beginning to pop up everywhere! Caveman cookies were one of the originals though; and their primally inspired creations are both fun and delectable for kids and adults alike, with flavors like Mayan Caveman, Alpine Caveman, and Rainforest Caveman, there is a flavor for everyone!


3. Paleonola

No one said you have to give up granola when you start a Primal lifestyle – it just has to not have oats, grains, dairy, or white sugar in it. You’re in luck! Because Paleonola is free from all these ingredients, and best of all, it TASTES like REAL granola! With truly healthy ingredients like almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut shreds, and hints of maple sugar and honey, your child won’t even notice the sneaky swap you made in their mid-morning snack. Just don’t sneak too much of this yourself, it is that addicting!


4. Plantain Strips

artisan tropic gluten free plantain strips with sea salt

Plantain chips have become a bit more mainstream over the past year or so, and rightfully so, as they are a delicious alternative to carb heavy potato chips. However, most plantain chips are made with rancid vegetable oils that are detrimental to our health. Thankfully these plantain strips by Artisan Tropic are  made with only sustainably sourced palm oil, are non-GMO, and are a great source of resistant starch (food fuel for your healthy gut bacteria to eat!)


5. Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips and Organic Salsa

Chips and salsa are a classic game day or movie combo. I am so thankful to Jackson’s Honest for making these chips – FINALLY, a Paleo friendly chip baked in coconut oil! These chips provide the perfect ratio of sweetness to salty since they are made from sweet potatoes and sea salt, making them an awesome kid-friendly Paleo snack they can easily cart (or conceal) on a movie outing or just kicking back with the fam for a movie night. No rancid oils here.



6. Chipotle Honey BBQ Trail Mix 


Trail mix was once considered a thing of the past when starting Paleo. Fortunately for those just beginning their Primal journey, a LOT of brands are finding innovative ways to recreate Paleo versions of traditional snack favorites. Bubba’s Fine Foods is one such brand, with three delicious trail mix varieties that resemble Chex Mix flavors, they come in Chipotle Honey BBQ, Original, and Ranch. 


7. Paleo Cookies 


Another wonderful Paleo cookie company, WB Kitchens is whipping up something sweet, salty, and convenient in their kitchen so you don’t have to! These Ona Cookies may seem a little on the smaller side, but don’t be fooled because they are actually quite filling! Made with nutrient dense almond flour, coconut flour, and raw, local honey, they come in several mouth-watering flavors like classic chocolate chip, brownie, coconut shortbread, maple pecan, and peanut butter.


8. Buddy Fruits Squeeze Pouches 


Squeeze pouches are all the rage with kids these days. It’s no wonder, it’s like having a straw built in to a portable snack! With so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the best option. Buddy Fruits is a great brand because they are certified Organic, do not use “natural flavors,” and use real fruit and vegetable purees in their pouches with zero added water. They also have several popular fruit and veggie combinations like sweet potato, apple, and carrot, banana and mango, and apple, pear, and spinach to name a few.


9. Sea Snacks

As an adult, sea snacks may not be the most appealing snack. But they must be doing something right, because kids everywhere seem to love these savory salty roasted seaweed “chips.” Even if it’s not your cup of tea, don’t knock it til [your kids] try it – you just might be pleasantly surprised they are begging you for more sea snacks instead of potato chips! Not to mention they will be getting their daily dose of iodine with these creative snacks.


10. Hail Merry Bites

hail merry bitesIf you’ve never tried Hail Merry’s macaroons, you are seriously missing out. These fun bite sized macaroons are the real deal; made with only real food ingredients like almond flour, organic shredded coconut, organic virgin coconut oil, and maple syrup, these raw, vegan, and paleo friendly cookies are the perfect treat for your little one (or yourself) packaged in convenient travel pouches. Perfect for on the go activities and special treats, the variety pack gives you the full monte by letting you sample some of their most popular flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, salted brownie, caramel sea salt, and pure vanilla.


11. Peruvian Dark Chocolate Bars



There are several brands of Paleo friendly chocolate bars on the market, but Coconut Secret’s Peruvian Dark Chocolate Bar makes the cut for this post because of its truly exceptional quality. Made from 100% organic and fair trade ingredients, these chocolate bars are truly for those fond of dark chocolate. They are like a healthy, non-GMO, low glycemic, dairy free, dark chocolate version of Nestle Crunch. But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself taste the smooth decadence of Peruvian chocolate. 


12. Rickaroons


There’s a new snack in Paleo town, and it goes by the name of Rickaroons. Popping up all over Paleo Instagrammers’ accounts, these snacks are another take on popular macaroons. If you love coconut, you’re in for a treat because Rickaroons contain lots of it in the form of coconut oil, coconut flakes, and coconut palm nectar, making these a great low glycemic treat. They come in yummy flavors like chocolate blonde, mint to be, and mocha.


13. Pure Organic Fruit Leathers


Since Fruit By The Foot is OUT when following a Primal lifestyle, these organic fruit leathers by Pure are hands down one of the best Paleo friendly fruit leathers you will find. They are certified organic, non-GMO project verified, made from pure fruit purees and juices, and are free of all forms of cane sugar AND sunflower oils and waxes, which is always a plus because sometimes these additives have a way of sneaking into some “primal” goodies. 


14. Bare Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips

bare fruits organic gluten free baked apple chips

Apples truly are versatile. From apple sauces, to apple juices and ciders, there’s no arguing over the popularity of apples among kids. When you combine apples and chips though, there is almost no failing when it comes to pleasing your little picky eaters. Just make sure your apple chips are certified organic, like Bare Apple Chips are, because apples are the number one “dirty” food on the Dirty Dozen!


15. CocoBacon Vegan Coconut Bacon

cocobacon coconut bacon paleo snack

It wouldn’t be Paleo without bacon somewhere on this list. Don’t get too excited yet though, because these bacon-flavored coconut chips do not actually contain any bacon, making them Paleo/Vegan! A genius creation, these coco-bacon chips are certified USDA Organic, and contain three varieties of coconut in addition to organic spices and organic hickory smoke flavor. High in healthy fats from coconuts in addition to being fiber-rich, your little ones will have a hard time turning down a bacon-flavored chip.


16. Simple Squares


Simple Squares are a Paleo take on your traditional snack bar or power bar, the difference being that these ones are actually good for you. Simple Squares are made from all organic ingredients, featuring cashews, almonds, honey, and organic spices and extracts to create a variety of flavors like coffee honey, cinna-clove, and ginger. Simple Squares are unique in that they digress from your traditional snack bar flavors, so they are perfect for the culinarily adventurous youngster.


17. Mama Chia Berry Squeeze Pouches

mama chia organic squeeze pouches

This wouldn’t be a Primal Kidz snack list without at least one more squeezy pouch favorite. Mama Chia made the count because in addition to coming in a kid-friendly squeeze pouch, these little snacks contain a whopping 1,200mg of beneficial fatty acids with the helpful addition of chia seeds. Not bad for a 3 oz pouch! 


18. 100% Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

grass run farms beef jerky sticks grass fed

Beef jerkey is always a popular snack in the Paleo crowd. These 100% grass fed beef jerkey sticks are perfect for your little meat lovers because they are fed solely grass, and never administered antibiotics or hormones, just the way nature intended. 


19. Organic Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

go raw organic watermelon seeds

Have you ever heard that if you eat a watermelon seed a watermelon will grow in your belly? Well now you can see if it’s true! These watermelon seeds are certified organic, non-GMO project verified, and dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve their “raw” state. Snacking on sunflower seeds is so 1990 .. watermelon seeds are the new trend that will have your kids giggling away as they see who can sprout a watermelon in their belly first!


20. Nohmad Chocolate Bars

nohmad snack co chocolate bars

If your child cares for the more milk chocolatey varieties of chocolate, then these Paleo friendly chocolate bars might be the answer to finding a decent replacement to mainstream brands. Nohmad Snack Co makes their chocolate bars in small batches, with organic, raw, stoneground chocolate, and organic maple sugar. Even though you are getting dark chocolate quality here, these bars are perfectly balanced with sweetness due to the maple sugar. They also come in many different flavors, like dark chocolate raspberry, almond and sea salt, sprouted hazelnuts, and many more.


20 kid friendly on the go snacks you dont have to make yourself

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