10 paleo halloween treats to cool to be paleo

10 Paleo Halloween Treats Too Cool To Be Paleo

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I go through this every year. The aisles of special Halloween candy that you have to avert your eyes from. I know, and I totally get it. I also know that willpower (and being an example for others) is like a muscle that gets stronger and stronger as you flex it.

This Halloween, maybe you’re giving thought to doing a more healthy alternative of the holiday, but you want everyone to have fun and not be robbed of sweet treats, right?


With this list of spooky Halloween themed treats that are also Paleo friendly, you can have your cake and eat it too!


1.) Spider Eggs 

Spider Eggs Paleo Halloween treats

When I saw these avocado and wasabi deviled eggs from Family Spice, my jaw dropped. The creativity completely amazed me and the flavors sound delish! Using an interesting and easy technique to create a “spider web” effect, the originality of this recipe had me sold on the number one position for our Top 10 Paleo Halloween Treats! These flavors are best suited for those who are longing for a spicy and savory treat with the overwhelming sweets found during Halloween. YUM!


2.) Chocolate Fruit Bugs 

Paleo chocolate fruit bugs

These Chocolate Fruit Bugs by The Fit Cookie are super easy to make and are a great project to make with your kids! With simple ingredients like pure fruit leathers, dried apricots, and chocolate chips, you can’t go wrong with this adorable and slightly creepy Halloween treat!


3.) Yummy Mummies

paleo yummy mummies halloween treats

Sometimes you need to serve up food that isn’t sugary sweet, but still considered a spooky treat! These Paleo Yummy Mummies from Nom Nom Paleo give a convenient snack without any flour at all! For best mummy quality, choose an organic, grass-fed, and nitrate-free hotdog to become your goulish treat.

4.) Witch’s Finger Cookies

Paleo witch's finger halloween cookies

In my opinion, no Halloween is complete without the frightening treat known as “Witches fingers.” I LOVE these cookies! This recipe is from The Full Helping, where you not only have a lovely recipe that is gluten free and grain free, but you have the added health benefits of raw ingredients that are bake-free!


5.) BooNana Ghost Pops

Paleo Halloween banana ghost pops

These spooktacular banana ghost pops from Plaid and Paleo are not only super adorable, but they are made with super healthy, whole food ingredients like bananas (duh), coconut butter, honey, and chocolate chips. Plus your kids will have such a blast making these little ghosts, they won’t even realize they are actually healthy!


6.) Halloween Chocolate Bark

paleo halloween chocolate bark recipe

This sweet and salty dark chocolate bark from Paleo Leap is a smooth, quickly melting, yet thoroughly deep cocoa flavour envied by all the dark chocolate bars on the shop shelves. This recipe combines the best flavors of fall, utilizing pecans and dried cranberries or cherries for the perfect sweet and salty combo that is so beloved by chocolate fans.


7.) Paleo Halloween Chocolate Cupcakes

grain free paleo halloween chocolate cupcakes

To put it simply, these grain-free chocolate cupcakes are perfect. Found over at Simply Quinoa, these cupcakes are everything that you envision when you think of chocolate cupcakes: a springy cake texture that’s still moist and tender, with a rich chocolate flavor, and all topped with a sweet vegan icing. (And you’ll never guess what is icing is made from!) These babies would be great for any occasion, but the fiery orange icing and deep brown (almost black) color, makes them perfect for our Halloween festivities. 


8.) Pumpkin Bites

Paleo pumpkin bites for halloween

Chewy, sweet, and bake-free, these raw treats from Girl Gone Raw are a quick treat that the kids can help shape too! These happy little pumpkins are easy to make, transport well, and are healthy! Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!


9.) Melon Brain

Paleo Halloween melon brain head

Sometimes you need something extra spooky! It’s hard to beat a recipe that includes the instructions “carve channels out of melon to resemble cortical folds.” Found over at Instructables By Scoochmaroo, I just had to share the highlights of this Halloween treat that even vegans will drool over! Slicing into melon will never be the same! This is a great one to bring to the office and amaze your coworkers ?


10.) Gummy Goblin Eyeballs

Paleo Gummy Goblin eyeballs for Halloween

Nothing says PARTY like a plate full of eyeballs! For a frightening flair whip up these Halloween treats found at The Things We’ll Make. Made with skin loving ingredients like gelatin, coconut milk, and berries, these eyeballs will surely get your guests eyes poppin when they realize these creepy treats can actually make their skin glow and hair grow!


For other cool Paleo treats and snacks your kids will love on Halloween, check out our other post on Paleo Halloween treats, or find other Paleo snacks here.


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