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recalled children's still for sale online - trouble in toy land

Recalled Children’s Toys May Still Be For Sale Online

The United State’s Public Interest Research Group released their annual Trouble In Toyland report for 2016 that covers everything from hazards in children’s toys to recalls you may still be able to buy online.

men face chemicals in their products too

Men Face Chemicals In Products Too

November is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and although they don’t use personal care products to the extent that women do, men still face chemicals in their products too! A few cancer preventing tips for the big boys in your life.

why schools should mandate recess

Why Schools Need To Mandate And Increase Recess Time

Schools across America have steadily been cutting and some even eliminating recess time for kids. But is this new trend in schools doing more harm than good?

can the moon affect your fertility and hormones

Can The Moon Affect Your Hormones And Fertility?

Women’s cycles have traditionally been synchronized with the phases of the moon, so can practicing Lunaception help balance hormones and boost fertility?

the green halloween guide for crunchy moms

A Complete Green Halloween Guide For Crunchy Moms

Whether you consider yourself a “crunchy mom” or not, ALL moms and dads can GO Green for Halloween this year simply and inexpensively with a few slick and eco-friendly Halloween tricks.

The Horror-ble Thing About Halloween makeup - and a Natural DIY face paint recipe

The Horror-ible Thing About Halloween Makeup & A Natural DIY Recipe

Halloween face paints can be pretty scary, with ingredients like lead & heavy metals found in many brands. Some of these face paints were labeled as “non-toxic “ and “hypoallergenic” but contained the highest levels of some of these toxins. Make your own chemical free face paint at home with this quick and easy DIY Halloween face paint recipe!

media attacks on breastfeeding - are they warranted?

Media Attacks On Breastfeeding – Are They Warranted?

Tons of articles appear on the media warning us of the risks of breastfeeding due to breast milk contamination with toxins, but is all the hype warranted? An in depth analysis by Tracy Cassels, PhD, from Evolutionary Parenting, on a study conducted years ago examining the presence of PFASs (perfluoritnated alkylates substances ) in breast milk, and the subsequent warnings and hoopla from the media against breastfeeding that has resulted in even years later.

raising primal babies by Paleo expert Mark Sisson

Establish Healthy Habits For Life – Introducing Babies To Primal Eating

A typical baby’s Standard American Diet is commonly portrayed as the realm of infant formula, rice cereal, applesauce, teething biscuits, Zwieback toast and Cheerios. In a consumeristic society, conventional wisdom has an odd way of merging with marketing maneuver. These revisions to common sense seep in slowly, until we suddenly wonder how did our current customs come to stray so far from the way of our ancestors?

flame retardants in mattresses produce toxic gases leading to SIDS

Poisonous Gas Exposure From Baby Crib Mattresses And SIDS

We now know that SIDS is more than likely the result of accidental poisoning due to toxic gases released from baby crib mattresses, so what can a parent do to prevent SIDS from occurring? Lani Axman, a homeschooling mother, author, and blogger examines the presence of flame retardants in crib mattresses and the practice of mattress wrapping as an effective SIDS prevention method, along with other helpful, preventive tips for parents.

chemicals in your child's carseat

Toxic Carseats – Are They Making Your Child Sick? What To Do About It.

Former journalist turned eco-chemical conscious mom blogger Aida Garcia-Toledo delves into the dilemma that every parent faces: the prolific presence of flame retardants in children’s carseats. The founder of NonToxic Munchkin blog examines the unavoidable car seat chemicals, why they are an important consideration when choosing a carseat, and what you as a parent can do to minimize your child’s exposure to these health-hazardous flame retardants.

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