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paleo strawberry coconut macaroon cookies

Simple Paleo Strawberry Coconut Macaroons

These coconut macaroons are a classic- but with a twist! A mild strawberry flavor pops through, followed by the nutty coconut flavor. They are seriously delicious, and are perfect as an afternoon treat for the kids when they come home from school!

Cancer Causing School Supplies – What You Need To Know, AND What You Can Do!

Now that the kids are ready go back to school, it’s time to answer this question: Is it possible to get the kids back to school without toxic chemicals in their school bags? Typical school supplies and gear often contain a mix of chemicals associated with cancers, birth defects and other medical and physical troubles for children.

Berry Kombucha Sangria Recipe

Berry Kombucha Sangria

Nothing says summertime like Sangria. The perfect fruity alcoholic beverage on a hot day, Sangria is festive and refreshing – learn how to reduce Sangria’s alcoholic content and increase its nutrient value, without sacrificing taste!

mama chia organic squeeze pouches

20 Paleo Kid Friendly On-The-Go Snacks You Don’t Have to Make Yourself

Only just a few years ago it was nearly impossible to find Paleo friendly on the go packaged snacks. All that has changed now, with the emergence of many health conscious brands that are filling the need for whole foods based snacks.

paleo recipe for leeks

A Primal Recipe For Banishing Cellulite & Boosting Collagen

Leeks are not the most glamorous of vegetables. Often overlooked, they belong to the onion…


Simple Paleo/Vegan Guacamole

No one can debate how awesome the avocado is. Avocados are rich in almost twenty…



If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans

Homemade Natural Skincare

Brielle’s Biology Lesson on Ellen

 Peppa Pig And Composting


Summer Smoothie Bowl Delights


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