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can the moon affect your fertility and hormones

Can The Moon Affect Your Hormones And Fertility?

Women’s cycles have traditionally been synchronized with the phases of the moon, so can practicing Lunaception help balance hormones and boost fertility?

5 fun and creative cold weather activities to do with your kids

5 Creative and Fun Activities For Cold Winter Days

Unless you’re an avid skier, the cold weather may not make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about going outside. But don’t let that stop you and your kids from enjoying the beauty of nature in its frozen state! Here are some tips to get the most out of the cold in a creative and fun way.

30 eco friendly easy gifts everyone will adore

30 Eco-Chic Etsy Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Adore

Every year people clamor for the latest in high-tech gifts, but this holiday season give something a little more personal, all while supporting the planet AND small businesses! Check out our holiday gift guide of 30 Eco-Chic Etsy Holiday Gifts That Everyone Will Adore!

a paleo inspired chinese new year menu - paleo chinese food recipes

Ring In The New Year With A Paleo Chinese-Inspired Menu

New Years Eve is pretty synonymous with Chinese Food, although Chinese food from most restaurants is NOT Paleo friendly (or healthy). The good news is, you can still eat Chinese on New Years! Primal Kidz Mag compiled several of the yummiest looking Paleo Chinese food recipes on the web, and created a sample menu you can use for New Years planning.

recalled children's still for sale online - trouble in toy land

Recalled Children’s Toys May Still Be For Sale Online

The United State’s Public Interest Research Group released their annual Trouble In Toyland report for 2016 that covers everything from hazards in children’s toys to recalls you may still be able to buy online.

Featured Recipes

paleo dairy free egg nog

Dairy Free Coconut Egg Nog

This recipe for Paleo Egg Nog is dairy free, refined sugar free, and chock full of nutrient dense ingredients from full fat coconut milk and pastured, organic egg yolks.

paleo mimosas - primal mango mimosa

Primal Mango Mimosa

While our Primal ancestors more than likely were not consuming Cosmopolitan mixers or sipping some bubbly, alcohol is not completely off limits when following a Paleo lifestyle. This recipe for Paleo Mango Mimosa is delicious and perfect for a New Years indulgence, with no guilt!



Holiday Ninjas Helping The Homeless

A Peppa Pig Christmas

The Holiday Resurgence of Furbys

Gilmore Girl’s Last 4 Words!

Christmas by Paleo Hacks


Paleo Christmas Recipes


Green Christmas DIY Crafts For Kids


Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips & Ideas


Festive & Fun DIY Christmas Crafts For The Whole Family


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